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What is A day in the life?

11th April 2019 by Matt Steptoe

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What our recruits do is amazing, and we want to show people that.

Whether the world knows it or not, it’s the hard work they put in every day which keeps this country going.

So to say thank you for everything they do, TSA is launching a large-scale initiative to celebrate all that incredible work.

We want to give them the opportunity to have their contributions recognised, and a platform to make sure their stories are heard.

It’s called A day in the life, and it’s actually very straightforward.

We’re simply asking our recruits to share a little bit of their lives with us.

That might mean taking photos of your workplace or videos of yourself working there.

However, it might simply be an anecdote or a thought you’ve had.

Whatever suits you.

We’ve even enlisted a team of marketing experts, to help make sure the initiative is successful and these stories reach as many people as possible.

To participate, you can either tag your contributions on social media using this hashtag:

Or, alternately, you can email it to us directly here:

and we’ll sort the rest out for you!

Simply share with us what your current job is.

That might mean a photo of the site you’re working on; it might mean a video of yourself explaining what an average day is like for you right now; it might simply be a short description of a moment you’ve had recently, or a funny story that happened at work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check out this FAQ we’ve set up on the TSA website or call your TSA consultant and talk to us directly.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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