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Newcomer Ben Vickers Thrives

28th April 2019 by Matt Steptoe


We’ve been privileged to welcome Ben Vickers to our team. And it’s fair to say he’s fitting right in.

It’s been a true pleasure watching Ben thrive like we knew he would. Here’s his TSA story, in his own eloquent words:

“I left New Zealand three years ago, fully intending simply to take some time off skiing and seeing the world. But after meeting a very lovely lady, I found myself moving to the UK and settling in Leeds. I knew I wanted to get into the recruitment industry, so I called some of the top agencies in Leeds and managed to secure an interview with TSA. After my very first meeting with them, I knew I wanted to begin my career with TSA, because they weren’t like the other corporate machines: they listen, they understand, and they tailor their training specifically to everyone they bring on board based on their experience and skills.

Since joining, I’ve been mentored by one of TSA’s finest, Alex Veil, who has been absolutely sensational, giving me motivation and support through the hard first month and a half of my time here. I look forward to my journey with TSA and the rest of the team, and I’m excited for what the future holds!”

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