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Joining the Directors’ Club

5th April 2019 by Matt Steptoe


When your employees work as hard as ours do, it’s important that they get recognised for it.

Because let’s face it: the world of recruitment is tough.

Sure, we have a gym next door. Of course, we have fun.

But working at high intensity this way? It can really wear you down.

Sometimes relaxing is as important as graft, so we came up with a way to make sure our top gunners are relaxing in style.

Because extraordinary work ought to be rewarded in extraordinary ways.

So what is it?

The Directors’ Club is a biannual celebration of TSA’s top performing staff.

That’s the three top performing staff members from the previous six months, plus a discretionary choice based on contributions to the TSA culture and upholding the TSA values.

How do we celebrate them? By taking them on holiday.


So how do we do it?

First, we wine them and dine them at Kendell’s, a premium French Bistro in Leeds, where we announce who’s made the cut.

Then we tell them where the club is heading.

Five Stars

The look on their faces? Priceless.

This time around, we took them for three days in Tenerife, to stay in the stunning, five-star GF Gran Costa Adeje hotel.

Which looks like this, by the way.

Relaxing in style

And not only is the place beautiful – it’s all inclusive.

So that’s three full days of gorgeous meals.

Three full days of sun-drenched swimming.

And three days of true relaxation.

And while some of us might’ve got a touch too relaxed…

Who could blame us, with all the…erm… ‘help’ we were getting…

Relaxed enough?

With six days off work overall, we returned to England as if new.

And you know what? Everyone’s been working even harder than before.

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is take a break.

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