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The Hottest Club in Town

18th September 2018 by Megan Reece

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TSA has always strived to break the mould; we have never wanted to become an uptight corporate business. Instead, we have opted to create an environment that people enjoy spending time in. But sometimes we like to shake things up. We like to highlight those who we feel have been performing the best, the high-achievers – the elite, if you will. Whether you’re a recruitment consultant or a member of our dedicated support team, we believe that success should not only be celebrated, but rewarded too. With that in mind, allow us to introduce the hottest club in town: The Director’s Club. Composed of those who we feel deserve to be there, those that go the extra mile every day to set themselves apart from the rest, those that not only get results – but have passion and a fire in their belly, and we want to fuel that fire! This month saw the first trip away for our inaugural members, and what better way to fuel a fire than to throw them into the heat of Ibiza with an all-expenses-paid trip? Our newest members were lavished in a 5-star villa, with a personal chef on standby for their ever-growing hunger and lastly – a VIP experience at the legendary Pacha nightclub, one of Ibiza’s most iconic venues. This trip saw Alan, Alex, Cathryn, Charlotte and Lee living it up like we felt they deserved to… After all, those that play the best deserve a rest!

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