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Early Success for TSA’s Newly Formed Graduate Academy

11th September 2019 by Matt Steptoe



TSA’s Graduate Academy was founded with a single purpose: to find the brightest, most ambitious young minds possible and provide them with the training and mentorship necessary to become truly exceptional recruiters. Being part of the TSA team means embodying our values and beliefs; we needed people who exhibited curiosity, embraced challenges and evidenced a true growth mindset!

The Graduate Academy was launched to engage with young highly motived and passionate graduates who have the drive and ambition to become part of TSA and believe in the same values. We attended job fairs and graduate days; corresponded with students whilst we developed the programme; and provided mentorship and support throughout the entire process. It was key that the graduates we selected for the next stage showed signs of having a growth mindset, were inquisitive and showed tenacity. To ensure our graduates fit the bill, we used the same scrupulous devotion that has allowed us to provide such outstanding candidates for our clients over all these years.

The Gradate Academy journey enables driven individuals from diverse disciplines to realise their potential regardless of their original choice of career background. Through a bespoke training programme our aim was to ensure the graduates would learn and develop strong skills to become a successful recruitment consultant who would be courageous, tenacious and loyal.

Eventually we were left with two successful graduates who truly demonstrated the kind of potential we were looking for and the journey to becoming a TSA consultant began with Sacha Balde and Mo Abu-El-Zeet officially joining the Graduate Academy 2 months ago. They have enjoyed a whirlwind start to their recruitment careers with a bespoke training programme, perfectly matched to their specific goals and capabilities, involving both background theory and in-situ daily coaching, allowing them to absorb vast amounts of information at an incredible pace and gain real, direct experience.

The Graduate Academy enticed Sacha and Mo into recruitment from their alternative career paths with Sacha originally studying English and Media at University, and Mo choosing Biomedical Science.
Sacha and Mo have confidently recognised the opportunity and have quickly become hugely valued members of the TSA family.

Sacha says his favourite aspect of TSA life is the atmosphere and sense of unity within the team, the focus on progressing as a team and being part of something bigger within the group; Mo loves the buzz of the sales floor, interacting with candidates and making sense of his clients’ needs.

While they’ve been faced with challenges, they have each proved themselves more than capable of overcoming them, down to the bespoke theory training and desk coaching. As Sacha says, ‘pushing himself out of his comfort zone and learning to overcome obstacles has shown me the path to success.’ Mo is just as enthused: ‘it’s fair to say I’m hooked!’

We are so proud to see them thrive like this in a relatively short period of time and excited to provide the Graduate Academy experience to another batch of budding recruiters in the future!

Here at TSA we are always looking for passionate and driven individuals to join our sales, admin and finance teams. If you want to step up and challenge yourself in a sales environment, then please get in touch, sending your CV’s to We look forward to hearing from you!

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