​​Delivering Competent people solutions to the Energy sector.




TSA are embarking on our journey to deliver excellence into the Energy sector, applying our wealth of experience, successful people processes and recruitment solutions to meet the evolving demands of the energy market.

Energy is an essential ingredient for the health, safety, wellbeing and comfort of us all and as the focus on renewables grows we see that the supply chain needs the support and experience of companies like TSA to deliver a way forward.

TSA recognise that the world needs a diverse, resilient and affordable energy system as an enabler to economic growth and that sustainability and reduction of greenhouse emissions are key metrics.

We will match the right people with the right opportunities and align the vast array of skills to which we have access with the challenges faced in this sector, exceeding client expectations.

Energy Spotlight


Creating Energy From Waste

Reducing landfill waste, decommissioning of Coal-Fired Power Stations and the rise of Energy-From-Waste bi-products all represent major changes in the Energy Sector. TSA are proud to play a crucial role in supporting these changes.

We have supplied Engineering, Management, Commercial and MEICA staff to projects at Dunbar EfW, Derby EfW, Avonmouth EfW, Parc Adfer EfW and Glasgow EfW amongst many more. Additionally, our district heating projects have encompassed York University, Brighton, Bristol, and Liverpool University.