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Directors’ Club Results Finally Announced

1st August 2019 by Matt Steptoe


June 2019 saw the end of another successful six months here at TSA. That meant it was time to recognise our top performers of the first half of the year and reveal which of our exceptional employees had managed to make it into the next Directors’ Club – an all-expenses-paid trip to Ibiza!

To announce the victors, we embarked on a team building trip to Kirkstall Abbey, playing rounders in the sun and enjoying a delicious team meal. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the last six months and bring the whole team together for some well-deserved fun.

While it had been evident over the last few months who the front-runners were, competition is always fierce with all our consultants striving for excellence. However, we can now officially offer huge congratulations to Cathryn Scutts, Alan Atkinson and Rachel McDaid, whose extraordinary achievements over the last six months has helped them retain their positions in the Directors Club as TSA’s top performing consultants!

The fourth and final spot is reserved for an individual deemed to have gone above and beyond, by pushing their own boundaries and stepping up when it counts.

With so many employees fitting the criteria this time around, it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just one outstanding individual. After much deliberation though, it was decided that our newly promoted Team Leader, Marcus Murray, was most deserving of the illustrious final spot.

Marcus has recruited and successfully trained one of our newest recruits and consistently sets a shining example to the rest of the team. Not only has he had an exceptional start to the year, he has pushed himself out of his comfort zone and managed to earn his big promotion. We hope inclusion in the Directors’ Club demonstrates what a positive force we consider him to be.

So massive congratulations to Cathryn, Rachel, Alan and Marcus. Each of you has truly earned your place, and we hope you enjoy your trip to the party island of Ibiza – just don’t enjoy it too much!

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