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Can Construction Go Green?

21st June 2019 by Matt Steptoe

Construction Green

You don’t have to be an activist to have noticed environmental anxiety is on the rise. From concerns about single-use plastic to mass panic about climate change, the public is demanding that companies display their intentions to go green.

This may be particularly problematic for construction: reports estimate the industry is responsible for 20% of global emissions.

Now, it is part of TSA’s core values to be progressive, and we take that seriously. We believe the industry and all who contribute to it have a responsibility to push it forward. And forward, right now, means towards greener, more sustainable ways of operating.


What Can We Do?

The fact is, many of us feel we aren’t able to help. And while this is an understandable feeling, we believe it is no longer good enough.

There are many things we can all be doing to help construction become greener, and by articulating them clearly, we hope we can help to affect change.

Here are just some of them…


Push New Methods

While solar panels and recycling have been around for a long time, there are numerous new green technologies and building strategies. From biodegradable materials to smart glass, being aware and knowledgeable about what solutions are available will keep you in good stead.

Whilst many of these technologies are more expensive and challenging to use, they can pay off up to ten-fold in the long run.


Challenge Culture

When pushing for new ways of doing things, it is important to be fearless. Bringing concepts like sustainability and eco-friendliness into the construction world is always going to be a challenge, driven as it is by cost and efficiency. But while you may be met with apathy or dismissal, it is essential to hold your ground.

Challenging culture means understanding and accepting not everyone will agree with you. It is one of the bravest things you can do, and you will always have TSA’s support.


Start Conversations

Beyond anything else, the single greatest contribution you can make to helping construction go green is insisting on starting the conversation. Whether it makes people uncomfortable, whether it scares people, these conversations must be had.

Enthusiasm, passion – these things are contagious. By simply showing people how important you believe this to be, you can inspire them to delve deeper, to challenge their assumptions and to learn more about what they can do too. 

Let’s get it done.

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