Our Charities

If we all had the same opportunities
to make a positive impact on the world.

​We believe that work should have a positive impact on the World. However, we can’t thrive unless we ALL thrive. That’s why we use some of the profits we generate to do as much good as we can, both in the UK and globally.

The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust

TSA are proud to support the Samantha Sykes Foundation as one of our chosen charities in 2021. The Foundation exists to help young people who are at high risk of, or who are victims of, child sexual exploitation to help rebuild their lives. They also provide support for children in the care system and young care leavers to help them reach their full potential.

Operating since 2014, they now help on average 200 young people every year. Check our blog for some of the stories of the young people TSA’s support is impacting.

For more info, please visit: samanthasykesfoundation.com

Sahayika Charity

As a company with a global reach, TSA have contacts around the world and are proud to support the essential work of Dr. Ganguly as his charity Sahayika takes at-risk girls in India out of danger to train them as nurses.

To date, nearly 200 girls have been trained as Nursing Assistants and they all are employed! All these girls come from villages below the poverty line where in many places women are not treated well And more students are signing up.

TSA are proud to support a cause that fights poverty and empowers disadvantaged women, guiding them to brighter future .

You can read more on Sahayika here: Sahayika.pdf

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