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We support the Mining, Energy, Engineering, Transport and Facilities Management sectors.

People Solutions Frameworks

Mankind continues to refine machines through the application of ‘AI’ embedded in computers and robotics increasingly replacing humans to deliver consistency of process, near perfect degrees of accuracy, reduced failure levels and optimisation of cycle times, all of which drive higher more dependable output to exceptional quality standards.

The robots like all machines undergo a design, install and maintain process that can be aligned to the people who design, build and maintain them as indeed is the case with any person doing any job of work. The process defines clarity of purpose and scope (role profile), alignment to standards (National Occupational Standards and Safe Operating Procedures), installation and maintenance (onboarding and training) and lifecycle management (CPD and career paths).

The process begins with a comprehensive understanding of the desired outcome derived from the objective and assigned a time frame and cost to achieve sustainable competence. TSA have developed a blueprint to develop sustainable competence through our PSF that is underpinned by our 28 step Route to Competence.

Competence is clearly defined and embedded in the roots of the recruitment process, checked, evidenced and refined at every step to ensure right person matched to right job, simple yet incredibly effective.

​Master Service Provider

Collaborative working and added value can be enhanced through interaction with a leveraged and consolidated supply chain.

Our Master Vendor solution is designed to capture the benefits of this approach and to relieve the admin burden on the hiring manager by reducing multiple recruitment relationship and interfaces to just one.

TSA, acting as the Master Vendor, will utilise their expert knowledge and long established relationships in the recruitment market to reach out to our supply chain and network of approved 2nd Tier recruitment partners to find the ideal person to meet your requirements.

All commercial and contractual matters are dealt with by us.

Providing the hiring manager with one set of simple and standard terms of agreement.

​Specialist IR35 Advice

Whether you are an end client or a ltd worker, we can help you navigate the IR35 private sector reform.

We have partnered with leading construction insurers ‘IR35 Shield’, who specialise in dealing with Clients, Agencies and PSCs in respect of IR35 matters.

TSA can ensure you remain compliant throughout the changes, without the fear of losing your best Ltd worker talent.

Let TSA take some of the risk and the overhead away with our IR35 specialist team.

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