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A day in the life: FAQs

27th March 2019 by Matt Steptoe


What our recruits do, day after day, keeps this country running.

A day in the life is a campaign we’ve created to give the public a glimpse of their amazing work.

It involves TSA temps sharing their experiences with us – photos, videos, anecdotes etc. – which we will amplify into the public domain, primarily via social media.

Ultimately, A day in the life is a showcase of the extraordinary, ordinary lives our recruits lead, and a platform for them to finally be seen and heard.

To make this as simple as possible, we’ve compiled some of the questions we most frequently receive about the initiative here.

To see what the monthly theme is, please refer to this page!

Q. What am I going to get out of sharing content?

A. A day in the life is going to have a wide audience, meaning it is an opportunity to show everybody how interesting, exciting and important what you do is.

Equally, it allows you to see and be part of a wider working network, creating a genuine community.

And there will also be competitions and prizes introduced as the initiative moves forward, so you might even win something out of it down the road!


Q. What is the best way for me to share my experiences?

A. Ideally, you will share content with us by sending it to this email address:

However, if you prefer, you can simply put it straight onto whatever social media channel best suits you using this hashtag:

As far as the kind of content you share, it can be whatever is best for you – photos, videos, stories, snippets – and should be whatever you’re most comfortable with and feel best represents your experiences.

Q. What will happen to the photos or videos I share?

A. Content will be exhibited on social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

And it will also be used together with other TSA temps’ content to create larger piece of content, such as videos, collages and other kinds of compilations.


Q. What kinds of things should I be sharing?

A. This is mostly up to you.

There will be weekly ‘themes’ for you to fit into, so you can always use that as inspiration.

But equally, if you are working on an exciting project, if you are proud of something you’ve done, or if something meaningful has happened to you, you should absolutely share pictures, videos, little anecdotes or whatever else about them.

The initiative exists to showcase your life – so it is always ultimately your choice what aspects of it you portray and how.


Q. If I email my contributions to you, what should I include in the email?

A. You can include whatever information you like.

However, as a guideline, try to include the photos/video etc. you are sharing as an attachment, and your name, your job position and a brief description of the content you’re sharing in the text of the email.


Q. Will my name be attached to the content I share?

A. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is absolutely fine.

All you need to do is state this in an email along with your content, and we will simply post your content without a name.

However, it is important to know that we will assume you are happy for your name to be attached to the content you share if you do not state otherwise.


Q. How often should I try to share content?

A. As often as you like. There will be monthly themes, and you are always invited to share an entry relating to that.

We will get the word out about them each month, but if you’re unsure, the theme will always be communicated here

Ultimately though, you can share as frequently or rarely as suits you!



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