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TSA Charity Work

9th November 2018 by Megan Reece


At TSA, one of our core values as a business is ensuring that we can give back where possible to the wider community. For many years TSA have been proud to support FunziBodo, a charity that helps people living in the deprived villages Funzi and Bodo in Kenya. Before FunziBodo, these villages were living without the basic needs of life, including running water and toilets.

Over the years, TSA have supported FunziBodo in many ways, not only do we give a monthly donation fee to aid their projects, we have pursued many ventures in the name of charity; including a coast-to-coast and coast-to-castle bike ride and a desert trek. This time, however, there was no such need for a gruelling physical course; instead we have been collecting our belongings from around the house to donate to the people of Funzi and Bodo. This has included clothes, books, bags, shoes and other bits of general bric-a-brac to donate to the village, all of which will go a long way in helping these wonderful people.


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