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Alex Veil

Recruitment Team

Civil Engineering

Recruiting For:

Senior Engineers, Site Engineers

Site Foremen, Site Supervisors

Project Managers, Site Managers, Contract Managers.

Phone Number: 0113 819 9992

Mobile Number: 07825 639 378


My Background

I started my career in recruitment in 2011, after moving to the UK from Miami. I have operated within a variety of industries, and over the last 6 years I have been recruiting for construction professionals with a wide range of clients.

Prior to pursuing a career in recruitment, I was a Golf Pro in America, being naturally socially agile and thriving in environments where I deal with people, I possess a few skills that are essential to being a successful recruiter. Appealing also to my competitive nature, like professional golf, recruitment requires persistence, patience and logic. Because of this, I can relate to the desire and issues of others, which is why I take a personal approach to recruiting and find joy in helping others.

TSA is different to other recruitment agencies, giving you the autonomy and tools to grow both individually and professionally. They believe in Light touch management, but help and resources are readily available to succeed in a fast-paced industry.

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