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Thomas Epton

Marketing Manager


A career I believe is primarily about value; creating, delivering and receiving. Developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships can only be achieved by identifying areas in which your product/service can deliver value continually, by adapting your business model to remain in-line with your clients’ values and beliefs.

I believe that work should have a positive impact on people. I joined TSA because the business culture fits with my values and ideals, by combining ambitious growth plans whilst maintaining a strong value proposition model, TSA is a unique entity within the recruitment industry. Promoting teamwork and understanding that a company is a collection of people and that those people within it are better if they work cohesively as part of a dynamic and motivated team that are all seeking to achieve the same goals.

My goals are based upon using effective marketing as a vehicle to assist our vision to place the right candidates, with the right clients, in the right vacancies as we aim to extend and grow awareness of the extraordinary services TSA has to offer the construction, property and engineering sectors.

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